Install Procon for BF4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I been looking to install this on one of my Linux server. Finally found a tutorial and will share here how I have successfully have it running.

VPS with Ubuntu 14.04 64bit OS, 128MB will do.

If you don’t have a VPS, I highly recommend RamNode. They have a $15/year OpenVZ SSD and is available in different locations: NYC, ATL, SEA, LA and NL.

Login in as root to SSH.

Then get the packages below:

Create directory to where we will place our files:

Download & UnZip PRoCon:

Run the Procon.Console.exe to create the configs:

It will generate some output, stop it by pressing any Key.

Now go to the “Configs” folder and open the procon.cfg

It will look like this:

At the end of the line, add your BF4 server details:

NOTE: Change to your gameserver IP and 12345 to your RCON port. RCON-PWD to your RCON password.

User32 can be anything, we will create that in user cfg in a while.

As of Procon version, you can copy the procon.cfg above (except for the servers details, of course)

or change this manually:

Set the languges:

And set those lines to “False” otherwise it will crash

You might change the sandbox setting to false.


Now you need to create the server config file:

NOTE: Change to your gameserver IP and 12345 to your RCON port.

Paste the content below:


As mentioned before, now we create the username to access the ProCon layer.

Open the accounts.cfg

Paste below:


Now open again the server config file




Config files is done, now we go back to the main directory where your ProCon files are.

Run the Console and try to connect to it:

It will return an error. Leave it.

Now we create a script so you can have a way to restart your ProCon.

Start script:

Place the content:


Make it executable:

Stop script:

Place the content:


Make it executable:

Now run the start script:

To restart the service just run the stop script and then start script again.

That’s it.

You have to run the stop/start script every time especially when you are adding Plugins.

This is made possible by and credit goes to XpKiller. Original thread is available at myrcon forum.

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